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Shindig's All-In-One Automation Platform
Streamline, automate processes, and boost collaboration with your custom

Gone are the days of carrying around notepads, print outs, and stuffed manila folders of customer information. You can also say goodbye to forgetting to collect a payment, get an information worksheet from your customer and texting / leaving messages a dozen times to a customer without a response.

Shindig’s automated “To Do” and “My Reminder” task system will ensure you, your co-workers, and your customers are always on the same page for who needs to do what and when.


Today we use apps for everything, now is the time for your customer to receive the type of experience they expect, having all their event information and communication in one place they can get to on a phone, tablet or PC.

Single Source Customer Data

Spreading your event data across countless spreadsheets, texts, apps, Post It notes, emails, printed pages and overflowing manila folders just makes your job harder. Shindig integrates event-specific tools into one platform so every detail is at your fingertips on your phone or PC.


Our tools make it easy to communicate and coordinate with your customers and co-workers. Centralize and automate your event communications within one platform, making communication simple and easy.


Managing events and all the details involved can take hours of your time and the stress of forgetting something critical for you customer can keep you up at night. Our tools are built to simplify common tasks and automate complex processes, freeing up your time, minimizing busywork, and put your mind at ease so you can focus on other business initatives.

Competitive Advantage

Shindig's slick communication portal is something that your customers will absolutely love… And expect. Your customers use web apps every day and it has raised the bar for all businesses. There hasn’t been an affordable solution for small event based business, until now! Be the first to offer this experience to your customers, not the last.

Learn How Shindig Will Transform Your Event Business

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Improve Efficiency – Save Time, Reduce Costs and Do Much More

Shindig will empower you to turbo charge your event business’ productivity, efficiency and save you time and money. By using automated repeatable processes, you will never miss an important detail for a customer and save hours of manual work. Imagine... being perfectly organized to perform flawlessly executed events for every one of your customers.

Shindig will make your customers feel like they hired a rock star and rave about you to their family and friends.

  • Clearly define and automate your event-planning process with your customers

  • Provide your customers with all their personalized event information in one interface

  • Automated payment reminders, information requests, and any task or request

  • Promote your event option upgrades and preferred vendors

  • Record and document all communication with your customer automatically

  • Easily and clearly share event information with your co-workers / staff

  • Provide something unique to your customer over your competition

Accessible from Anywhere

As we now live in a virtual world where remote work becomes the norm, Shindig's online event automation software platform gives you and your team the flexibility to access your event data and connect from any internet connected device, anytime so you get more done. When you aren't at your desk, Shindig allows you to access all information from your laptop, tablet, or phone, at home, work or wherever you happen to be.